Update from Lori Leyden

Six months have passed now since the tragedy here in Newtown that took 28 lives on December 14, 2012.  There continue to be valiant efforts here to support the people of Newtown in their healing process. For those most traumatized – families who lost loved ones; children, educators and staff who survived; first responders and others – it is a somber time.

How do we hold a balance of honoring our grief and pain while we try to create healing for our present and future as individuals, as families and as a community?

Some, especially the child survivors, have shown signs of resiliency but invariably, as is common in trauma, something occurs to trigger a recurrence of old symptoms or development of new symptoms. For example, just last week all Newtown students were placed on lockdown after a threat was called into another elementary school.  For many students, parents, educators and staff, this event triggered the original trauma of being in lockdown for three hours after the Sandy Hook School shooting.

There are however bright spots and signs of healing.  Parents, children and educators we work with reported that they responded more calmly with a greater sense of control and/or were able to recover more easily using EFT for self-care. Those who came in for a clinical session reported quick relief as well.

For others who have not yet been treated for trauma, events like the six-month anniversary and recent lockdown are likely to make them more aware that “getting back to normal” isn’t as easy as they thought.

We continue to hear people say, “I have tried everything but I feel best after a Tapping session.”  Our licensed mental health care and self-care practitioners are confident in using Tapping because of its direct effect on releasing the fight/flight/freeze response in the Amygdala – that part of the brain that regulates the impact of stress and trauma.

Among many other activities your donations continue to support:

  • On-going individual and group sessions for those seeking our assistance
  • Special programs and workshops for local professionals in the fields of mental health, education and healthcare.
  • EFT for Trauma Certification Training and on-going mentoring. By summer’s end we will have close to 100 practitioners in our certification track and serving the community!
  • This July, in partnership with the University of Connecticut School of Social Work we will be offering the EFT for Trauma Level I to an already sold out class of social workers. As far as we know this is the first offering of its kind at the University level.

While the reason for our work here is no less horrific, our intention is to establish a new model of resiliency using EFT/Tapping to keep hearts open and healed in Newtown.  Our growing reputation in the community and our success with clients gives us great hope that in partnership with Newtowners we are doing just that.

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