The Tapping Solution Foundation Vision

The Tapping Solution Foundation Vision
To educate, train, fund and promote healing, through EFT/Tapping to those in need around the world.

In addition to supporting fellow Newtowners in healing and resiliency, The Tapping Solution Foundation (TTSF) is already expanding its impact, mission and vision. Our first priority remains a long-term community-based commitment here in Newtown. As an outgrowth of this work, we have honed our mission:

TTSF supports comprehensive and rigorous EFT education for global trauma relief and resilience, through a variety of strategic partnerships and global initiatives to:

1. Provide exceptional, leading-edge EFT certification programs for licensed mental health and health-care professionals, healing arts practitioners and coaches, as well as individuals interested in strengthening their self-care practice.

2. Support exemplary humanitarian projects that promote the use of EFT/Tapping for Trauma and Resiliency in disaster relief, medical care, education, business, government and community

Newtown: We continue to offer sessions for those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. This is a particularly poignant time. As students head back to school we’ve seen a rise in trauma, anxiety and phobias being triggered in students, parents and educators. We are here and ready to assist.

Please email me to schedule an appointment.

Rwanda: I’m on my way back to Rwanda to continue supporting our Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors who are making tremendous progress in helping to heal their nation. Connecting our Ambassadors with the young people of Newtown has expanded our imagination for what is possible for global healing when young people unite for a greater purpose. Now, this connection is resulting in Newtown’s young people raising money to send Project LIGHT Ambassadors to University.

Click play below to watch a short video describing our progress:

Click here for an interview I did with Tapfest’s Jondi Whitis on EFT Radio Online:

Here’s to keeping hearts healed and open here in Newtown and around our world.

Lori Leyden, PhD

We’ll be presenting at the following Upcoming Events:

August 31: Ben’s Lighthouse Foundation event at Trinity Episcopal Church, Newtown from 1:30 – 3 pm.

September 14: 13th Annual LEVAS Gospel Festival, honoring Sandy Hook victims, Hartford, 1 – 5 pm.

September 25: EFT/Tapping for Stress Relief, New York City Department of Transportation.

September 28:  EFT/Tapping Emotional Assistance Training, Newtown, invitation only.

October 11-13: EFT for Pain Relief with Nick Ortner, Stamford, CT.

October 15: Fairfield University Spiritual Directors.

October 18: New York University Trauma Response Team

October 25-26: EFT for Trauma Level III Certification Training, Newtown, by invitation only.

November 1-2: EFT/Tapping for Trauma Level I Training, Newtown, open to the public.

November 4, 18: EFT/Tapping for Trauma Level I Training for Social Workers, University of Connecticut, Hartford.

November 16: University of Hawaii, Education for Peace and Resiliency Conference