An Evening of Healing and Transformation

December 7th, 7:00 - 8:30 PM, Newtown CT

From Nick Ortner:

As the fourth anniversary of 12/14 approaches, many in our community are left wondering...

“Will the pain ever end?” “What does healing really look like?” “Can we even heal from this?” “What is my life supposed to look like now?”  “How do I feel less anxious/scared/afraid/worried?” “How do I release this WEIGHT?”

While this tragedy will forever be a part of who we are, it is my belief, and my experience in working with people both here in town and around the world that have been affected by traumatic events, that we CAN heal.  That we can find ways to lift the burdens, to have it hurt maybe just a little bit less, to find a little more meaning, and hope and purpose.

The purpose of this evening is to do just that.  Time and again I’ve seen the power of this scientifically validated technique, EFT Tapping, to transform lives.  On everything from physical pain, to PTSD, to anger, anxiety, worry and fear, Tapping transforms.

In our time together, you’ll learn the history and science behind tapping, how to use the technique for yourself and those you love, and we’ll do tapping together so you can experience relief.

While the intention behind the evening will be to heal wounds from 12/14 and beyond, the evening will not be a heavy one.  You’ll quickly see how you can lift your stress, anxiety and burdens, often in minutes.

Even if you’re not feeling the weight of the tragedy or weren’t directly affected, please join us, not only for your personal experience, but to come together as a community.

Space is limited. To register, click here.