Healing Our Children, Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Community After Tragedy

Still on our minds and in our hearts are the tragic events that occurred in Boston last week. At the Tapping Solution Foundation we began immediately to reach out to our colleagues in the Boston area to determine how we could assist. We will provide more details about the results of our efforts soon.

Nick and I, along with our team of dedicated volunteers, have been hard at work organizing EFT/Tapping sessions and workshops for Newtowners and people in the surrounding areas, as well as establishing a long-term community-based trauma relief program.

Toward that end, we are excited to announce that we have a new home/office for the Tapping Solution Foundation at 91B Church Hill Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482. We’ll be making more announcements about workshops, meetings and appointment hours at the new Foundation office in the days and weeks to come.

Between our successes here in Connecticut and the launch of Nick’s new book (currently at #5 on the New York Times Best Seller List) the momentum for EFT/Tapping has reached a truly amazing level.

I promise to keep you updated on a more regular basis, but for now I want to share with you the Executive Summary of our business brief, which will give you an overview of our vision and plans, not only for Newtown but for wherever we may be called to keep hearts open and healed through EFT/Tapping.

Healing Our Children, Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Community After Tragedy Executive Summary

Executive Summary

  1. Vision: Our vision is to empower individuals and the community as a whole to heal from the on-going stress, trauma and suffering resulting from the Sandy Hook tragedy. We have the leading edge modalities, experience and capacity to help fellow Newtowners regain a sense of inner safety, and re-build our community with an even greater sense of resilience, fulfillment, dignity and commitment to ending violence and choosing peace.
  2. Physiological-Based Trauma Is Not Being Treated: Although many are working with Newtown citizens on their grief, most do not realize that trauma is different and must be effectively treated first before grief can be processed. Trauma is a physiological process, a biochemical freeze response created in the brain and central nervous system when one is confronted with overwhelming fear. Because it is wired into the reptilian brain that runs our bodily functions, it cannot be effectively treated with talk therapy alone.
  3. EFT/Tapping and Harvard Medical School Research: Recent research at Harvard Medical School has documented that the most effective treatments for trauma include EFT/Tapping. The stimulation of certain acupressure points on the body has been shown, through MRI and PET Scans, to calm the amygdala and stop the fight/flight/freeze process in its tracks.
  4. Third Phase of Trauma is Occurring Now: Based on our work in the community to date, we see clear evidence that trauma and PTSD continue to affect many Newtowners; if left untreated, the community will continue to suffer emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. In fact, at the time of this writing (4-21-13) we believe that Newtowners are already experiencing what we know in the international disaster relief community as the Adaptation Phase, characterized by a second wave of emotional distress.
  5. Our Community-Based Model Addresses Newtown’s Most Pressing Need: Our model and capabilities address the most significant problem Newtown faces in the short-term and the long-term: the misunderstood physiological effects of trauma. There is no organized strategic effort to address trauma relief for this community on an ongoing basis with effective, leading edge clinical and self-care programs that can support optimal healing and functioning for Newtown. With the exception of EMDR, current efforts such as cognitive based therapy, while purporting to address trauma, are only addressing stress and grief. The community is too traumatized to benefit from these strategies until the trauma component has been addressed. Despite the best-educated professional efforts and resources being deployed, the symptoms of many of those affected are not getting better.  In many cases symptoms are getting worse, being dismissed, or going untreated. The impact – to individuals, families, mental health agencies, educational institutions and infrastructures – threatens further degradation in personal and public functioning, productivity and effectiveness.
  6. Our goal is to relieve PTSD symptoms and then inoculate the entire community against the perpetuation of the trauma cycle.
  7. International Expertise and Local Success: We have proven experience in international disaster relief and expanding success with over 200 traumatized people in the Newtown area. In each of the sessions conducted, every individual experienced a decrease in self-reported stress levels.  In the case of first responders, parents who lost children, and parents whose children survived, significant trauma – including intrusive memories, overwhelm, extreme emotional pain, and hyper-arousal related to being present at SHES on the day of the event – was cleared in only 1 to 3 sessions.
  8. Precedence for Our Community-Based Trauma Relief Model: Newtown can benefit greatly now by adopting our customized, community-based trauma relief model. Extremely effective and successful precedence for our work has been established internationally by NTRCP leader Dr. Lori Leyden in Rwanda, and by our colleagues heading projects in Israel, Indonesia, Haiti, Japan, Kosovo, South Africa, Israel, New Zealand, Ecuador, Kenya and other countries who have experienced the impact of similar tragedies.
  9. Our School-Based Programs: NTRCP school-based programs have been successfully implemented at the Remera Mobogo High School Orphanage in Rwanda (with a 90% reduction in trauma outbreaks in one year) and Pacific Grove Middle School, Pacific Grove, CA. (Teacher, student and parent reports from this pilot project were so significant that Superintendent Porras, with Board approval, is endorsing the adoption of our program district-wide, and is anxious to share insights about the program with stakeholders in the Newtown School District.)
  10. Collaboration with Local Stakeholders: In addition to our 35 trained volunteers, we are already partnering with the University of Connecticut School of Social Work in a capacity-building plan to train and certify local mental health professionals in EFT/Tapping, beginning in May 2013. Given the opportunity to collaborate with appropriate stakeholders and garner the appropriate resources, we are ready to implement a community-based program for all those affected.
    • Parents and families of children who were killed
    • SHES survivors – students, teachers, staff, parents
    • First responders
    • Professional mental health care-givers and volunteers
    • Teachers and school staff of local schools
    • Students of local schools
    • Parents of students in local schools
    • Other affected members of the community
  11. Our Stress and Trauma Relief Service Plan: A specific, efficient protocol, which includes clinical care as well as self-care interventions, will be delivered by local Newtowners, customized for each level of those needing assistance.
  12. Proven Approach for Transcending Community Suffering: As a partnership with individuals who have brought healing to genocide survivors in Rwanda, taught thousands around the world how to compassionately address their emotional wounds, and successfully worked with 200+ Newtowners who have experienced all levels of trauma from the tragedy, this initiative establishes a sustainable means of addressing and transcending incomprehensible suffering and violence.
  13. Newtown As Beacon of Light for the World: By implementing this community-based model, Newtown will not only heal itself, but can join other international initiatives in a new world model that can change the oppressive culture of violence to one of community-centered peace, love, caring and safety. The name of the town itself – Newtown – could not possibly be more symbolic.

For more information, please contact us at info@tappingsolutionfoundation.org