A combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology, Tapping quickly gets to the heart of the issue, working to rewire the brain, and the amygdala specifically, to create safety in the body and release trauma. 

There are several clinical trials showing that EFT really helps with PTSD. In one with war veterans we found that 86% of those who received six sessions of EFT recovered completely from their PTSD and when we tested them again three or six months later they stayed fine. When you look at people who get tapping and are traumatized and look at their EEG readouts, look at their brain wave patterns, you will find that when you think of a trauma the brain wave frequencies associated with stress come back to it. After tapping though, those frequencies quiet down and the brain waves normalize. And that is really powerful when you are using it on the spot when you are having any kind of bad event happen in your life. Dawson Church, Ph.D. from the documentary film, “Project Light: From Rwanda to Newtown”