This video features several Veterans and Tapping experts from the Veterans Stress Project showing just how powerful EFT Tapping can be for trauma and PTSD.

The following is Channel 8 news clip about a retired US war veteran by the name of Dan Hoglin and his results with PTSD. Dan went through 6 tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Kosovo. He also went through 9 treatments at the VA, all with little to no results, until he tried Tapping.

The following is a clip from “Operational Emotional Freedom”, a project that has documented the results of using Tapping with Veterans.

The following is a clip that features the Veterans Stress Project, along with clips from the film “Operational Emotional Freedom.”

The following is the trailer for the documentary film “The Tapping Solution”, which features one war veteran. The fact is, we’ve found an important tool that promotes real recovery from PTSD in war veterans.

  • EFT Tapping offers numerous important benefits for veterans suffering from PTSD
  • EFT Tapping, or Tapping, is easy, requires no equipment, and can be done anywhere for any amount of time.
  • Tapping is providing deep, lasting relief from a wide range of PTSD symptoms — phobias, sleep issues, physical pain, mood and emotional issues, violent behavior, night terrors, substance abuse, and more.
  • Tapping has no side effects, and can be practiced on your own at zero cost.
    You can do your own Tapping. (You can learn how in under 5 minutes.)