Tapping for Newtown

In December of 2012, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy struck home, located right next door to Tapping Solution’s Newtown, CT-based company. Twenty-eight lives were lost, including 20 first-grade children, their teachers and principal. 

In response to this unprecedented tragedy, Nick, Jessica and Alex Ortner established The Tapping Solution Foundation (TTSF) in collaboration with Dr. Lori Leyden, Founder of Create Global Healing. The Foundation has been delivering EFT Tapping trauma services and professional training for parents, children, educators, first responders, mental health and health care providers in Sandy Hook, Newtown and the surrounding community ever since. TTSF has also developed a powerful network of local, national and international alliances to bring train-the-trainer trauma relief and resiliency services and educational programs to Newtown. This is a sustainable long-term, community-based initiative supporting healing in Newtown and globally.

While this tragedy will forever be a part of who we are, it is my belief, and my experience in working with people both here in town and around the world that have been affected by traumatic events, that we CAN heal. That we can find ways to lift the burdens, to have it hurt maybe just a little bit less, to find a little more meaning, and hope and purpose.”
— Nick Ortner

Having now worked through The Tapping Solution Foundation for several years to support members of their community heal and regain hope in the aftermath of a tragic mass shooting, the Ortners continue to be committed to helping others choose hope, health and healing, instead of anger and violence.

As our nation continues to experience the tragedy of excessive gun violence, please consider making a donation to The Tapping Solution Foundation to help continue the important work of promoting EFT Tapping to people of all ages around the world.