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Thank You!

I want to personally thank you for requesting your free books and take this opportunity to share a little about The Tapping Solution Foundation.

My brother Alex and sister Jessica, and I (all Newtown residents) founded the Tapping Solution Foundation in 2012 with a vision to educate, train, fund research, and promote hope and healing through EFT Tapping. Known generally as “Tapping”, it’s a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology that provides stunning results in many areas.
We’d been working in this field for years, but started the Foundation specifically because we are deeply committed to helping overcome the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and trauma in the midst of our community’s tragedy.

Scientific research, along with millions of people worldwide, has proven Tapping to be an incredibly simple, yet profoundly effective tool for accessing your brain and body’s energy system and restoring them to a balanced state.

Tapping is easy and painless. It can be learned by anyone. And you can apply it to yourself, whenever you want, wherever you are. It can be used with specific emotional intent towards your own unique life challenges and experiences. Most importantly, it gives you the power to heal yourself, putting control over your destiny back into your own hands.

We’re so excited to share Tapping with you and hope you enjoy your books!

Until next time…

Keep Tapping,

Nick Ortner

Co-Founder, The Tapping Solution Foundation