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About Us

Over one million people worldwide have been introduced to EFT Tapping through the efforts of The Tapping Solution and The Tapping Solution Foundation. Our projects have provided support for revolutionary, life-changing initiatives in the United States and around the world.

Since its inception in 2007, The Tapping Solution has been committed to spreading a message of health, healing and support by sharing the power of EFT Tapping. The Tapping Solution Foundation became the next stage of that outreach and was the swift response from a desire to help in the aftermath of the life changing events of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in 2012.

Establishing The Tapping Solution Foundation

“The decision to establish The Tapping Solution Foundation was an easy one when I saw what was needed, and I knew what was possible, right here in Newtown. I knew the timing was right, so we quickly moved forward to formalize and fund our long-term commitment to charitable works.”

– Nick Ortner


The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting tragedy struck home for the Ortners, located right next door to Tapping Solution’s Newtown, CT-based company. Twenty-eight lives were lost, including 20 first-graders. Just days later, Nick called in Dr. Lori Leyden of Create Global Healing to lead a support team that would provide trauma relief for families who lost loved ones, first responders, survivors of the shooting, and other affected members of the community, and provide vital support to community mental-health care givers. With an initial $10,000 donation from each of the Ortner siblings, the Foundation was formed.


Our mission is to promote EFT Tapping as a tool for self-care for people of all ages around the world


The Tapping Solution Foundation supports projects that promote the use of EFT/Tapping to bring relief for stress and trauma.

Our Team

Nick Ortner


Nicolas Ortner is the Creator and Executive Producer of the breakthrough documentary, The Tapping Solution, which explores EFT or “Tapping,” a healing tool based on ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. Nick has also produced the Tapping World Summit, a free worldwide online event, which has been attended by over 1,000,000 people and is Co-Founder of The Tapping Solution for Newtown: Stress and Trauma Relief Project.

Nick has written multiple books about the power of Tapping, including The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living, The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief, and The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self. As a resident of Newtown, CT, Nick is extremely passionate about helping the people of his community heal, along with people all over the world.

Jessica Ortner


Jessica Ortner is a co-producer of the breakthrough documentary film on EFT/Meridian Tapping, The Tapping Solution and NY Times bestselling author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence. She studied digital journalism with the New York Film Academy in conjunction with NBC News, and has been interviewing experts in the personal development field since 2007, having conducted over 200 broadcast interviews to date. For the past eight years, Jessica has traveled the world working with and training under many of the leaders in the field of personal development. She is trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and is certified in hypnosis. She combines her experience in the field with her knowledge of tapping to create tap-along audios that have been used by thousands of people around the world, with great results.

Alex Ortner


Alex Ortner is a co-producer of many of The Tapping Solution programs, including the yearly Tapping World Summits. As an internet expert, he is at the heart of the Tapping Solution team, constantly working behind the scenes to ensure programs run successfully. He has a passion for personal development and helping others with Tapping. He is trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and is certified in hypnosis. Alex has also visited schools around Connecticut that are implementing Tapping, talking with students and demonstrating the easy to use, self-care tool of Tapping. He is also the author of the children’s book, Gorilla Thumps and Bear Hugs: A Tapping Solution Children’s Story. Living in Newtown, CT, Alex is deeply committed to helping the people of his local community overcome the stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and trauma, along with also helping those throughout the world.

Dr. Maria Laura Ortner


Dr. Maria Ortner served as a school psychologist in Danbury, CT for 27 years prior to beginning her work with The Tapping Solution Foundation. Dr. Ortner is committed to promoting Tapping as an effective technique for teachers and students to deal with anxiety, stress and trauma in the school setting and beyond. Dr. Ortner holds degrees in Clinical and School Psychology, as well as a Doctorate of Education. She has extensive experience in education in the United States and abroad. Dr. Ortner is the Director of the Tapping Solution Foundation and travels the world to bring EFT/Tapping to people of all ages.

Alison Taylor Partridge


Prior to joining the Foundation, Alison Partridge worked as an elementary school teacher and completed her 6th Year Certificate of Advanced Studies in Literacy. She cares deeply about our youth and their important role in building our future. Alison is also the co-author (with Nick Ortner) of the children’s book, The Big Book of Hugs: A Barkley the Bear Story which focuses on spreading kindness, and My Magic Breath: Finding Calm Through Mindful Breathing. As the Director of Program Development, she is passionate about providing students and teachers with the self-care tools needed to address the wide variety of social and emotional needs in schools. Alison lives in Connecticut with her husband, Ryan, and son.

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