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Your Donation helps us get EFT Tapping into the hands of the people who need it most.

The Tapping Solution Foundation was formed in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in support of the local community. Please help us to continue to share the healing effects of EFT Tapping with people all over the world.
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HELPING PEOPLE HELP THEMSELVES – Imagine that the solution to dealing with anxiety, stress, and trauma is right in our hands?

We all know that the incidence of anxiety, stress, depression and trauma are on the rise. A recent New York Times article entitled, Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety? stated that “Parents, therapists and schools are struggling to figure out whether helping anxious teenagers means protecting them or pushing them to face their fears.”

Tapping gives us the power to help heal ourselves, putting the control for our health and well-being back into our own hands.

Over one million people worldwide have been introduced to EFT Tapping through the efforts of The Tapping Solution and The Tapping Solution Foundation. Our projects have provided support for revolutionary, life-changing initiatives here in the United States and around the world.

The Tapping Solution Foundation was founded by Nick, Alex and Jessica Ortner, shortly after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. Their goal was to provide trauma relief their community; for families who had lost loved ones, teachers, first responders, and other survivors. The Foundation provided vital support to help heal individuals and support the community move through this life altering experience. Since its inception in 2007, The Tapping Solution has been committed to helping people help themselves by sharing the power of EFT Tapping.


Tapping for Stress Relief in Classrooms

The Tapping Solution Foundation is currently working to promote EFT Tapping in schools. Our current focus is to help reduce stress and anxiety in the classroom in support of students and teachers and to enhance teaching and learning.

Tapping to Choose Love

The Tapping Solution Foundation has been providing support for The Choose Love Movement and is proud to contribute to The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Enrichment Program which is a social and emotional (SEL) classroom program teaching children how to choose love in any circumstance. The program focuses on four important character values – courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion – which cultivates optimism, resilience and personal responsibility.

Tapping for War Veterans

The Tapping Solution Foundation has supported the Veterans Stress Project to help veterans by using EFT Tapping to treat trauma.

Millions of people worldwide now know about the healing effects of EFT Tapping through the work of The Tapping Solution and The Tapping Solution Foundation. We believe we have a powerful tool that can help, but we can only spread the word and develop these special programs with your help.

Please consider a donation in support of The Tapping Solution Foundation today. Every donation counts.

With heartfelt thanks,

Nick Ortner and the Tapping Solution Foundation