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EFT as an Approved Veterans Administration Treatment!

Over the past decade, hundreds of members of our wonderful EFT community have contributed tens of thousands of volunteer hours. We’ve conducted dozens of randomized controlled trials, and offered sessions to over 15,000 veterans with PTSD.

One of our top goals has been to see EFT become an approved treatment for PTSD within the US Veterans Administration and similar organizations in other countries. This will unlock the door to ending the suffering of hundreds of thousands of veterans.

The head of Integrative Medicine for the VA is a supporter of EFT and other evidence-based treatments. His office is now tasked with recommending new clinical guidelines for bringing Integrative Medicine into the VA. Our goal is to have EFT included in the guidelines.

We are now coordinating with his office through the Government EFT Practitioners Association (GEPA). This group is open to all veterans, coaches and therapists who are current or former government employees, or who offer EFT to veterans or other government employees.

If you’re among them, please log on to the GEPA discussion group here and introduce yourself and your work. If you have a colleague who could be helpful, please forward this announcement to them.