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Welcome to Project Light’s online screening!
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If You Were Moved by the Film and Want to Make a Donation, We’ll Gift You 10 Tapping Meditations Listed Below, Valued at $97

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If you believe in hope…

If you believe that healing our own and the world’s deepest wounds is possible…

If you believe that individually and collectively we can make a profound difference…

Then I’d like to ask for your support. Your tax-deductible donation to The Tapping Solution Foundation goes directly to those that need it most. It helps heal not only the wounds of individuals but also the community as a whole. Just as important, your donation helps us establish new models of sustainable relief and resiliency that can be replicated around the world in very affordable ways.

Together, we’re establishing a new model of humanitarian aid that gives us the opportunity to heal ourselves, our children and our world. Below is a short video that shows some of the results we have seen with the work we are doing.

100% of your donation will be used to fund Trauma Relief Projects as well as train the trainer programs to expand our reach and impact to as many people in need as possible.

Your donation will help us continue our work in places around the world that are dealing with trauma.

Thank you sincerely for any support you can give to this important work.

Nick Ortner

Executive Producer of the “Project Light: From Rwanda to Newtown” film, Co-Founder of The Tapping Solution Foundation

If you donate any amount of money, I’ll gift you a $97 package of 10 Tapping Meditations! Just make your tax-deductible donation today and you’ll receive the ‘thank you’ bonuses immediately… tapping meditation topics include:

  • Emotional Well Being
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Feeling Safe Expressing Emotion
  • Finding Peace In The Past
  • Part Of Me Thinks I Am Broken
  • Personal Peace Procedure
  • How to Quiet The Critical Voice
  • Radical Forgiveness
  • Releasing Guilt
  • When Life Feels Stuck
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