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Welcome to Project Light’s online screening!
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If you want to learn about the organizations doing this powerful work, you can visit them here:

Create Global Healing
Inspired by her work with orphan genocide survivors in Rwanda, Dr. Lori Leyden founded the non-profit Create Global Healing in 2007 to support traumatized young people around the world to heal, work, and lead us into a peaceful future. Since that time, Lori and her team have brought comfort, peace and hope to thousands around the world from Rwanda to Australian Indigenous and Refugee communities and post-school shooting communities in Newtown, CT, and Parkland, FL. Create Global Healing also provides online Trauma Relief and Resiliency Training and Consulting Services for individuals and groups serving traumatized communities around the world.

Choose Love Movement
Scarlett Lewis founded the Choose Love Movement after her son, Jesse, was murdered during the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in December 2012. Their mission is to create safer and more loving communities by offering free, evidence-based, comprehensive social emotional development programs. These programs give kids and people of all ages the skills and tools to manage their emotions and address the root cause of their pain before it escalates into violence, mental illness, substance abuse, and more.

The Tapping Solution Foundation
We established the foundation in 2012, after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. Our mission is to promote EFT Tapping as a tool for self-care for people of all ages around the globe. Our efforts have brought the healing power of Tapping to communities around the world affected by stress and trauma, such as Rwandan Genocide survivors, war veterans, kids with cancer, and more.