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Services for Newtowners in CT
Tapping For Peace, EFT Group Practice


107 Church Hill Rd.

“I came to a place of true release, understanding, forgiveness & personal peace that I had not come to with any other method”

– C.H., Newtown Educator

EFT Tapping assists the brain and body in returning to its natural resourceful and resilient state.

  • Approved by the American Psychological Association
  • Effective for: stress & trauma, resiliency, anxiety, pain relief, panic
    attacks, and other physical and emotional symptoms


We have heard from countless individuals who have reported finding tremendous relief
from their stress and trauma symptoms with EFT”

– Jennifer Barahona, Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation

  • Free Individual & Group sessions for those who qualify – parents, students, educators
  • Compassion fatigue & secondary trauma consultations for professionals serving the community
  • Sliding Scale

Contact: info@tappingsolutionfoundation.org