An Evening of Healing and Transformation

December 7th, 7:00 - 8:30 PM, Newtown CT

From Nick Ortner:

As the fourth anniversary of 12/14 approaches, many in our community are left wondering...

“Will the pain ever end?” “What does healing really look like?” “Can we even heal from this?” “What is my life supposed to look like now?”  “How do I feel less anxious/scared/afraid/worried?” “How do I release this WEIGHT?”

While this tragedy will forever be a part of who we are, it is my belief, and my experience in working with people both here in town and around the world that have been affected by traumatic events, that we CAN heal.  That we can find ways to lift the burdens, to have it hurt maybe just a little bit less, to find a little more meaning, and hope and purpose.

The purpose of this evening is to do just that.  Time and again I’ve seen the power of this scientifically validated technique, EFT Tapping, to transform lives.  On everything from physical pain, to PTSD, to anger, anxiety, worry and fear, Tapping transforms.

In our time together, you’ll learn the history and science behind tapping, how to use the technique for yourself and those you love, and we’ll do tapping together so you can experience relief.

While the intention behind the evening will be to heal wounds from 12/14 and beyond, the evening will not be a heavy one.  You’ll quickly see how you can lift your stress, anxiety and burdens, often in minutes.

Even if you’re not feeling the weight of the tragedy or weren’t directly affected, please join us, not only for your personal experience, but to come together as a community.

Space is limited. To register, click here.

Press Release for Project LIGHT: From Rwanda to Newtown


CONTACT INFO: Lori Leyden, PhD (805) 636-1077,


Free Screening of Award Winning Documentary, 
Project LIGHT: From Rwanda to Newtown – A story of hope, healing, and possibility

Monday, October 19th
Newtown Middle School
6:00-8:00 pm

Newtown, CT (September 28, 2015) – The Tapping Solution Foundation (TTSF) is excited to announce the release of their award-winning documentary, Project LIGHT: From Rwanda to Newtown – a story of hope, healing and possibility. A free screening will take place Monday, October 19th, at Newtown Middle School from 6:00-8:00 pm. Refreshments, giveaways and babysitting will be offered.

This 60-minute documentary follows the transformation achieved by 12 orphan genocide survivors in Rwanda after participating in a new form of sustainable humanitarian aid called Project LIGHT. These young people, called Ambassadors, were trained to heal their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and their hearts as well as teach others to do the same. In only two short years they paid forward their healing to hundreds, from Rwanda to Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

Produced by Academy Award winner Barnet Bain and narrated by Emmy-nominated actress CCH Pounder, the movie features Newtown High School Student, JT Lewis.

Dr. Lori Leyden, Head of TTSF and Founder of Create Global Healing, developed Project LIGHT as a result of her work in Rwanda with orphan genocide survivors since 2007. “With inquiries from around the world, my vision is to establish Project LIGHT programs wherever they are needed most around the world. When I witnessed JT’s transformation as a result of connecting with our Project LIGHT Ambassadors, I knew my vision was becoming a reality. (Newtowner JT Lewis, 12 years old at the time, brother of Jesse,).

Project LIGHT was a film festival finalist at Moondance, Unspoken, New York Peace, Illuminate and most recently, was the lead film at Anima, in Argentina where Dr. Leyden, sponsored by the US Embassy, represented the film to an international audience.

Jennifer Barahona, Executive Director, Newtown Sandy Hook Community Foundation, recommends Newtowners to take part in this special event: “This movie is a powerful reminder of the goodness and light that is possible following even the darkest of times.

The documentary will be followed by a Q&A session with Nick Ortner – Newtown resident, NY Times bestselling author, and Founder of TTSF, Dr. Lori Leyden – Project LIGHT Founder and Head of TTSF, and J.T. Lewis – Founder of Newtown Helps Rwanda.

Newtowner, Nick Ortner, established The Tapping Solution Foundation in collaboration with Dr. Lori Leyden, Founder of Create Global Healing. TTSF has been delivering EFT/Tapping trauma services and professional training for parents, children, educators, first responders, mental health and health care providers since December 2012. TTSF has also developed a powerful network of local, national and international alliances to bring train-the-trainer trauma relief and resiliency services and educational programs to Newtown. This is a sustainable long-term, community-based initiative supporting healing in Newtown and globally.

EFT/Tapping is a stress and trauma somatic release method that is simple to learn, child-friendly and recognized by the American Psychological Association as an effective treatment for stress and trauma. This strategy has been used successfully in over 14 countries including Rwanda, Indonesia, Japan, Haiti, Kosovo, Israel, New Zealand and right here at home in Newtown. EFT/Tapping is just as highly effective for stress resiliency, anxiety, pain relief, test anxiety, panic attacks, and a host of other physical and emotional symptoms.

- See more at:

EFT Tapping Combined with Music for Elementary School Children

Published February 11th, 2014

by Dr. Lori Leyden

We just scheduled a big children’s tapping event at the Resiliency Center for March 6, 2014. One of our volunteers has put together a great program for elementary school kids that includes music. We are expecting up to 24 kids and their parents!

I’ll be speaking at the Parent’s Empowerment University taking place here in Newtown on March 23!

- See more at:

EFT Mentoring and Resiliency Work for Arizona Wildfire Victims

I was very honored this past Wednesday to conduct my second EFT mentoring and resiliency work with Pastor Paul, Rosalie and Linda, 3 members of the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group supporting those traumatized by the June 2013 wildfire in Arizona. The fire destroyed 8,400 acres, took the lives of 19 elite firefighters and destroyed 127 homes in the unincorporated communities of Yarnell and Peeples Valley.

I am supporting these dedicated volunteers in using Tapping for their own personal stress management needs as well as bringing Tapping to as many members of the community as are open to it. We at the Tapping Solution Foundation are sending any blessings to the Recovery Group and the community they are serving. We’ll keep you updated on their progress

EFT Training for Trauma Relief: Newtown, CT Update

We’re very excited about our continued collaboration with the Resiliency Center of Newtown.

Today we conducted an EFT/Tapping workshop for parents of children in Sandy Hook Elementary School including one parent who lost a son in the tragedy and two mental health counselors. Everyone experienced relief and learned how gentle and effective Tapping can be for trauma. The parents are anxious to form an ongoing group for themselves and their children as well as bring Tapping into the school – something we have been working toward for a year now! The counselors were so impressed with the work that they signed up for our Level I training this weekend!

We are so grateful that our long-term community-based trauma healing model is meeting with such great success and helping so many affected by the tragedy.

One Year Later: Newtown, CT Update

Many of you know already that I’m a resident of Newtown, CT, the site of the Sandy Hook school shootings.

One year ago today, along with the rest of the world, I was shocked and saddened to hear about this terrible tragedy.

My brother also lives in Newtown, my parents in the town next door, we grew up around here, so this is home. And while I know everyone in the world was shocked by what happened, it’s just a little different when it’s “home”.

So I knew I had to do everything I could to play my part in helping this town, this community, and the world heal from such suffering and heartache.

Days after the shooting, Dr. Lori Leyden, a dear friend who had been working with genocide survivors in Rwanda to help them heal, and whom The Tapping Solution has been supporting in that work, landed here in Newtown.

Together, with the support of my family and eventually many volunteers, we launched The Tapping Solution Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to spread the word about Tapping to those who need it most.

While today is a day of mourning for many, and a sad time here in Newtown, I’m here to report to you on the magic, miracles, and light that I’ve witnessed over the past year. I’m here to thank you for your incredible support during that time, and to share that from the midst of terrible darkness, light can beam forth, and to share with you the bright future I see ahead.

Here’s a tiny taste of what I’ve seen happen in the past year, as we’ve tapped in Newtown…


– I’ve seen a mother, who lost her youngest child, find meaning and purpose in ways that are beyond belief. Scarlett Lewis, mother of Jesse Lewis (a true HERO), inspires me every day with the level of courage, hope and forgiveness she embodies.

We’ve tapped together on many occasions, and she credits that work as part of what has helped her through this past year. You can read more about her journey in her new book: Nurturing Healing Love:

(And while I know many of you may say, “I just can’t read that, it’s too sad” – I promise you, it’s a remarkable story with events that will warm your heart and inspire you)

– I’ve seen parents who had children in the schools, who were in fear and pain, take their first deep breath in months, and feel safe in their bodies again.

– I’ve seen children from the school who couldn’t sleep, who were scared to go back, find peace.

– I’ve seen first responders, deeply traumatized by what they had witnessed, let go of the haunting memories and feel pride for what they accomplished.

– I’ve seen local counselors, who have been carrying the weight and burdens of the community for months, laugh and share and feel strong and confident again. Just this past Sunday, during a training Dr. Leyden and I gave for thirty local counselors, we saw miraculous breakthroughs, including someone whose month-long intense sacral pain went away completely, in just minutes.

– I’ve seen our local group of volunteers dedicating themselves week after week, training, supporting and working with the community in every way they can.

– I’ve seen Dr. Leyden, fresh from years of working in Rwanda, working harder than ever before, nights and weekends, quietly and peacefully supporting those who need it most.

I’ve seen her take the Tapping technique to schools, make a presentation to 100 Connecticut counselors, get training programs set up at local universities, train hundreds of local individuals, tap with people in prison, and much, much more – all from her new adopted home in Newtown, CT, while her house in California misses her!

– I’ve seen a teenage boy, JT Lewis, Jesse’s brother, connect with the Rwandan genocide survivors and find meaning and hope. Dr. Leyden set up a Skype call with the ambassadors in Rwanda, so they could share with JT what they had been through and let him know that healing was possible.

They tapped with him on the call, shared their stories, and he was transformed. Newly emboldened, JT set off on a mission to raise money to send the Rwandan ambassadors to college, and just a few months later, raised enough to send Bette to college for a year (and has since raised enough to send her for three more years!) You’ll be hearing a lot more about this amazing story in an upcoming documentary which should be ready in the spring.

– I’ve seen YOU – brave, loving, powerful, giving you – donating funds both through our original fundraising efforts and through The Tapping World Summit, to make all of this and more possible.

And much more…I’ve seen miracles unfold and I know more are just around the corner.

So that begs the question: What’s next? The answer: A lot more!

While everything that has happened this past year has been amazing, there is still a tremendous need within this community and we are ramping up our efforts even further. In the coming year, we will continue the focus on training local counselors, providing direct tapping sessions to as many people as possible, empowering people to heal, and much more.

Here’s a small dose of what’s planned for 2014:

In Newtown:

– Providing EFT certification training to mental health and healing arts professionals serving those traumatized by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy

– Providing EFT sessions to Newtowners who continue to be affected by the tragedy, including first responders, families who lost loved ones, student and staff survivors and their families, and many others.

– Program partnership with Resiliency Center of Newtown providing training, support and private sessions

– Educator trauma relief and classroom training for teachers

– On-going mentoring and clinical support for certified EFT practitioners and educators

National School/Educator Programs

– Supporting and expanding current programs in CT, CA, NY and HI including educator stipends, mentoring, and documentation.

At-A-Distance Disaster Relief and Rapid Response Team Support

– This year we provided mentoring and training via Skype and teleconference for EFT practitioners responding on the ground to tragedies in Boston, Oklahoma, The Philippines and others. We plan on expanding our readiness and effectiveness by developing formally documented training including audio/video/written support materials.

On-The-Ground Humanitarian Trauma Relief

– Respond to an extraordinary opportunity and invitation to work with child soldiers in Uganda partnering with Jane Ekayu from the Children of Peace organization.

– Project LIGHT: Hawaii for at-risk youth. One month training and implementation for community stakeholders and 12 at-risk youngsters, including video documentation

– On-going program support for Project LIGHT: Rwanda

– International Youth Healing Conference partnering with Children of Peace and the Amala Foundation bringing traumatized youth from around the world to Kenya in December 2014, including our Project LIGHT Ambassadors.

And more!

– Outreach to colleges and universities to include EFT certification training

– EFT Research with students, prisoners, veterans and pain relief clients

– Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation partnership. Summer tour to promote Choose Love Movement and EFT

Can I ask for something? (pretty please?) 

I value our relationship and your trust in what we’re doing so much, that I don’t like to “ask” anything of you too often. But I’ve tapped away my reluctance to asking because I need your help!

All of what we’re doing, and the big plans listed above, require money to make them happen. It’s just the reality! I personally don’t take a penny from the Foundation, and never will, nor does anyone in The Tapping Solution, but not everyone is in a position to donate their time that way, and we need more help.

Our volunteers have been stretched to the max, and it’s time we take things to the next level. So this holiday season, if you are moved about what we are doing, if you believe in this work and its ability to transform our world, then please consider contributing to it.

The Tapping Solution Foundation is a 501(c)(3) recognized charitable organization, so your donation is tax deductible and goes directly to this work.

Any size donation, even $1, really makes a difference. And if things have been good this year, and you want to donate a little (or a lot) more, great! And if you, or someone you know is a big-time donor who wants to really get involved in underwriting a large portion of what we’re doing, please let me know and we can jump on the phone so I can share more details about our plans.

To donate today, please click here:

Whether you choose to donate today or not, I want to thank you for your commitment to this powerful work.

The beauty of tapping, of doing this work together, is that as we all heal individually, as we break past abundance blocks, relationship challenges, pain and disease in our bodies… as we clear out the limiting beliefs, the patterns of sabotage and all of that old stuff that has been holding us back, we heal the world.

So thank you. For your courage. For your vision. For your inspiration. For your dedication to live your best life and create a world of peace and harmony.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.
Until next time…
Keep Tapping!
Nick Ortner

P.S. End of the year is a GREAT time for a tax-deductible donation! wink, wink.

The Tapping Solution Foundation Vision

The Tapping Solution Foundation Vision
To educate, train, fund and promote healing, through EFT/Tapping to those in need around the world.

In addition to supporting fellow Newtowners in healing and resiliency, The Tapping Solution Foundation (TTSF) is already expanding its impact, mission and vision. Our first priority remains a long-term community-based commitment here in Newtown. As an outgrowth of this work, we have honed our mission:

TTSF supports comprehensive and rigorous EFT education for global trauma relief and resilience, through a variety of strategic partnerships and global initiatives to:

1. Provide exceptional, leading-edge EFT certification programs for licensed mental health and health-care professionals, healing arts practitioners and coaches, as well as individuals interested in strengthening their self-care practice.

2. Support exemplary humanitarian projects that promote the use of EFT/Tapping for Trauma and Resiliency in disaster relief, medical care, education, business, government and community

Newtown: We continue to offer sessions for those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. This is a particularly poignant time. As students head back to school we’ve seen a rise in trauma, anxiety and phobias being triggered in students, parents and educators. We are here and ready to assist.

Please email me to schedule an appointment.

Rwanda: I’m on my way back to Rwanda to continue supporting our Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors who are making tremendous progress in helping to heal their nation. Connecting our Ambassadors with the young people of Newtown has expanded our imagination for what is possible for global healing when young people unite for a greater purpose. Now, this connection is resulting in Newtown’s young people raising money to send Project LIGHT Ambassadors to University.

Click play below to watch a short video describing our progress:

Click here for an interview I did with Tapfest’s Jondi Whitis on EFT Radio Online:

Here’s to keeping hearts healed and open here in Newtown and around our world.

Lori Leyden, PhD

We’ll be presenting at the following Upcoming Events:

August 31: Ben’s Lighthouse Foundation event at Trinity Episcopal Church, Newtown from 1:30 – 3 pm.

September 14: 13th Annual LEVAS Gospel Festival, honoring Sandy Hook victims, Hartford, 1 – 5 pm.

September 25: EFT/Tapping for Stress Relief, New York City Department of Transportation.

September 28:  EFT/Tapping Emotional Assistance Training, Newtown, invitation only.

October 11-13: EFT for Pain Relief with Nick Ortner, Stamford, CT.

October 15: Fairfield University Spiritual Directors.

October 18: New York University Trauma Response Team

October 25-26: EFT for Trauma Level III Certification Training, Newtown, by invitation only.

November 1-2: EFT/Tapping for Trauma Level I Training, Newtown, open to the public.

November 4, 18: EFT/Tapping for Trauma Level I Training for Social Workers, University of Connecticut, Hartford.

November 16: University of Hawaii, Education for Peace and Resiliency Conference


Update from Dr. Lori Leyden

The Importance of Distinguishing Between Trauma and Coping With Grief

It is now seven months since we’ve established our community-based trauma relief project using EFT/Tapping to help those here in Newtown who were affected by the tragic events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary.

I’m not sure which is harder to believe – that this horrible tragedy occurred in the first place or that so much time has passed already.

But the wounds are still fresh and there is still much work to do. Although our fellow Newtowners and the community as a whole are sincerely trying to put the pieces of their lives back together and return to a “new normal” of functioning, disabling emotional and physical effects of trauma exist and persist. The potential long-term impacts for those who do not seek treatment continue to reveal themselves in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Trauma Versus Grief

We have found in our work that very few people understand the difference between trauma and grief.

Grief happens as a normal part of living and refers to one’s personal experience of loss; it includes physical symptoms as well as emotional and spiritual reactions to the loss. It is generally a process that takes most people several months or years to work through.

When we lose someone we hold especially dear to us, the pain and sadness we feel at their passing can create a monumental moment in our lives. Their love becomes a part of us and informs so much of who we are. Coping with grief and eventually overcoming it is natural, temporary and healthy.

However, if they pass away under particularly tragic circumstances – which we may even be a part of in some way – that difficult stir of emotion can calcify in our hearts, brains and spirits and make it difficult to go on.

This is trauma, and it’s not just difficult, it can be debilitating.

You can have grief without trauma but you cannot have trauma without grief.

Trauma is characterized as anything that overwhelms a person’s normal ability to cope.
Here are the four conditions that most often lead to trauma.

The event:

1. Is unexpected.
2. Threatens your perceived sense of survival.
3. Triggers a sense of isolation and being completely alone.
4. Triggers as sense of powerlessness with no obvious solution or resources to cope.

Recent research at Harvard Medical School has documented, however, that the most effective treatment for trauma seems to be found through Energy Psychology techniques, such as EFT/Tapping. The stimulation of certain acupressure points on the body have been shown, through MRI and PET Scans, to calm the amygdala in the brain and stop the fight/flight/freeze process that occurs in trauma. Moreover, research has also shown that the hippocampus and other fear sensors in the body are similarly and often very quickly affected and discharged.

The result is that memories are retained, but they no longer carry an emotional intensity and ‘charge’ to trigger the trauma response in the body, thus allowing a full healing of the original trauma.

This is one of the principles that guide our work in Newtown. Trauma is a shock state, and if it isn’t properly addressed, it self-perpetuates. EFT/Tapping is a powerful tool in trauma relief as it directly tackles the neurological state that may manifest as chronic stress, body pains, headaches, trouble sleeping and a whole host of other symptoms.

And once we release trauma from the brain we are finally able to resume coping with grief so we can go on with our lives.

We continue to offer free EFT trauma relief sessions for those affected by the tragedy as well as discounted EFT Certification training for licensed mental health care and healings arts professionals. For more information, please contact Dr. Lori Leyden in Newtown:

Update from Lori Leyden

Six months have passed now since the tragedy here in Newtown that took 28 lives on December 14, 2012.  There continue to be valiant efforts here to support the people of Newtown in their healing process. For those most traumatized – families who lost loved ones; children, educators and staff who survived; first responders and others – it is a somber time.

How do we hold a balance of honoring our grief and pain while we try to create healing for our present and future as individuals, as families and as a community?

Some, especially the child survivors, have shown signs of resiliency but invariably, as is common in trauma, something occurs to trigger a recurrence of old symptoms or development of new symptoms. For example, just last week all Newtown students were placed on lockdown after a threat was called into another elementary school.  For many students, parents, educators and staff, this event triggered the original trauma of being in lockdown for three hours after the Sandy Hook School shooting.

There are however bright spots and signs of healing.  Parents, children and educators we work with reported that they responded more calmly with a greater sense of control and/or were able to recover more easily using EFT for self-care. Those who came in for a clinical session reported quick relief as well.

For others who have not yet been treated for trauma, events like the six-month anniversary and recent lockdown are likely to make them more aware that “getting back to normal” isn’t as easy as they thought.

We continue to hear people say, “I have tried everything but I feel best after a Tapping session.”  Our licensed mental health care and self-care practitioners are confident in using Tapping because of its direct effect on releasing the fight/flight/freeze response in the Amygdala – that part of the brain that regulates the impact of stress and trauma.

Among many other activities your donations continue to support:

  • On-going individual and group sessions for those seeking our assistance
  • Special programs and workshops for local professionals in the fields of mental health, education and healthcare.
  • EFT for Trauma Certification Training and on-going mentoring. By summer’s end we will have close to 100 practitioners in our certification track and serving the community!
  • This July, in partnership with the University of Connecticut School of Social Work we will be offering the EFT for Trauma Level I to an already sold out class of social workers. As far as we know this is the first offering of its kind at the University level.

While the reason for our work here is no less horrific, our intention is to establish a new model of resiliency using EFT/Tapping to keep hearts open and healed in Newtown.  Our growing reputation in the community and our success with clients gives us great hope that in partnership with Newtowners we are doing just that.

- See more at:

Healing Our Children, Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Community After Tragedy

Still on our minds and in our hearts are the tragic events that occurred in Boston last week. At the Tapping Solution Foundation we began immediately to reach out to our colleagues in the Boston area to determine how we could assist. We will provide more details about the results of our efforts soon.

Nick and I, along with our team of dedicated volunteers, have been hard at work organizing EFT/Tapping sessions and workshops for Newtowners and people in the surrounding areas, as well as establishing a long-term community-based trauma relief program.

Toward that end, we are excited to announce that we have a new home/office for the Tapping Solution Foundation at 91B Church Hill Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482. We’ll be making more announcements about workshops, meetings and appointment hours at the new Foundation office in the days and weeks to come.

Between our successes here in Connecticut and the launch of Nick’s new book (currently at #5 on the New York Times Best Seller List) the momentum for EFT/Tapping has reached a truly amazing level.

I promise to keep you updated on a more regular basis, but for now I want to share with you the Executive Summary of our business brief, which will give you an overview of our vision and plans, not only for Newtown but for wherever we may be called to keep hearts open and healed through EFT/Tapping.

Healing Our Children, Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Community After Tragedy Executive Summary

Executive Summary

  1. Vision: Our vision is to empower individuals and the community as a whole to heal from the on-going stress, trauma and suffering resulting from the Sandy Hook tragedy. We have the leading edge modalities, experience and capacity to help fellow Newtowners regain a sense of inner safety, and re-build our community with an even greater sense of resilience, fulfillment, dignity and commitment to ending violence and choosing peace.
  2. Physiological-Based Trauma Is Not Being Treated: Although many are working with Newtown citizens on their grief, most do not realize that trauma is different and must be effectively treated first before grief can be processed. Trauma is a physiological process, a biochemical freeze response created in the brain and central nervous system when one is confronted with overwhelming fear. Because it is wired into the reptilian brain that runs our bodily functions, it cannot be effectively treated with talk therapy alone.
  3. EFT/Tapping and Harvard Medical School Research: Recent research at Harvard Medical School has documented that the most effective treatments for trauma include EFT/Tapping. The stimulation of certain acupressure points on the body has been shown, through MRI and PET Scans, to calm the amygdala and stop the fight/flight/freeze process in its tracks.
  4. Third Phase of Trauma is Occurring Now: Based on our work in the community to date, we see clear evidence that trauma and PTSD continue to affect many Newtowners; if left untreated, the community will continue to suffer emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. In fact, at the time of this writing (4-21-13) we believe that Newtowners are already experiencing what we know in the international disaster relief community as the Adaptation Phase, characterized by a second wave of emotional distress.
  5. Our Community-Based Model Addresses Newtown’s Most Pressing Need: Our model and capabilities address the most significant problem Newtown faces in the short-term and the long-term: the misunderstood physiological effects of trauma. There is no organized strategic effort to address trauma relief for this community on an ongoing basis with effective, leading edge clinical and self-care programs that can support optimal healing and functioning for Newtown. With the exception of EMDR, current efforts such as cognitive based therapy, while purporting to address trauma, are only addressing stress and grief. The community is too traumatized to benefit from these strategies until the trauma component has been addressed. Despite the best-educated professional efforts and resources being deployed, the symptoms of many of those affected are not getting better.  In many cases symptoms are getting worse, being dismissed, or going untreated. The impact – to individuals, families, mental health agencies, educational institutions and infrastructures – threatens further degradation in personal and public functioning, productivity and effectiveness.
  6. Our goal is to relieve PTSD symptoms and then inoculate the entire community against the perpetuation of the trauma cycle.
  7. International Expertise and Local Success: We have proven experience in international disaster relief and expanding success with over 200 traumatized people in the Newtown area. In each of the sessions conducted, every individual experienced a decrease in self-reported stress levels.  In the case of first responders, parents who lost children, and parents whose children survived, significant trauma – including intrusive memories, overwhelm, extreme emotional pain, and hyper-arousal related to being present at SHES on the day of the event – was cleared in only 1 to 3 sessions.
  8. Precedence for Our Community-Based Trauma Relief Model: Newtown can benefit greatly now by adopting our customized, community-based trauma relief model. Extremely effective and successful precedence for our work has been established internationally by NTRCP leader Dr. Lori Leyden in Rwanda, and by our colleagues heading projects in Israel, Indonesia, Haiti, Japan, Kosovo, South Africa, Israel, New Zealand, Ecuador, Kenya and other countries who have experienced the impact of similar tragedies.
  9. Our School-Based Programs: NTRCP school-based programs have been successfully implemented at the Remera Mobogo High School Orphanage in Rwanda (with a 90% reduction in trauma outbreaks in one year) and Pacific Grove Middle School, Pacific Grove, CA. (Teacher, student and parent reports from this pilot project were so significant that Superintendent Porras, with Board approval, is endorsing the adoption of our program district-wide, and is anxious to share insights about the program with stakeholders in the Newtown School District.)
  10. Collaboration with Local Stakeholders: In addition to our 35 trained volunteers, we are already partnering with the University of Connecticut School of Social Work in a capacity-building plan to train and certify local mental health professionals in EFT/Tapping, beginning in May 2013. Given the opportunity to collaborate with appropriate stakeholders and garner the appropriate resources, we are ready to implement a community-based program for all those affected.
    • Parents and families of children who were killed
    • SHES survivors – students, teachers, staff, parents
    • First responders
    • Professional mental health care-givers and volunteers
    • Teachers and school staff of local schools
    • Students of local schools
    • Parents of students in local schools
    • Other affected members of the community
  11. Our Stress and Trauma Relief Service Plan: A specific, efficient protocol, which includes clinical care as well as self-care interventions, will be delivered by local Newtowners, customized for each level of those needing assistance.
  12. Proven Approach for Transcending Community Suffering: As a partnership with individuals who have brought healing to genocide survivors in Rwanda, taught thousands around the world how to compassionately address their emotional wounds, and successfully worked with 200+ Newtowners who have experienced all levels of trauma from the tragedy, this initiative establishes a sustainable means of addressing and transcending incomprehensible suffering and violence.
  13. Newtown As Beacon of Light for the World: By implementing this community-based model, Newtown will not only heal itself, but can join other international initiatives in a new world model that can change the oppressive culture of violence to one of community-centered peace, love, caring and safety. The name of the town itself – Newtown – could not possibly be more symbolic.

For more information, please contact us at