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Tapping Results


The Tapping Solution Foundation provides free resources to communities all over the world, including supporting schools & families, and providing trauma relief.

Read our collection of testimonials from individuals who have benefited from the power of Tapping & the support of our Foundation.

Tapping in Schools


“This is the greatest gift as an educator.”

“My name is Gia Nelson and I’ve been using tapping in the classroom for almost 5 years now. The impact it has had on my life, my students lives and even my family, is incredible. Being able to refocus my students, calm anxieties, and help manage students emotions has changed the way I teach and the way kids learn when they are under my care. Some of my students have even been using the technique in everyday life outside the classroom. This is the greatest gift as an educator. I know I’m making a difference in many lives because I see evidence within minutes of tapping in the classroom! Children focus better, feel calmer and safer after we tap. I’ve even noticed they feel more normal, more sympathetic towards each other and themselves. I’m so grateful to have this tool as an educator and as a human!”

Gia Nelson
Upland, California, USA


Ms. Gia’s students share about how they use Tapping to persevere and manage their feelings. 

“Tapping has become an invaluable part of our morning routine!”

“I have implemented the tapping solution in my Kindergarten classroom for the last two years. It has made an amazing impact on my young students. The positive effects include:

  • students are willing and able to share their feelings
  • students feel more positive about themselves
  • they are willing to take academic risks and persevere
  • they can concentrate and focus better
  • there is a huge reduction in behavior issues
On days that we do not get to do tapping, I see a huge difference in my students and an increase in behavior problems. The calming and self motivating effects that tapping has are remarkable. I recently asked one of my former students (a child with severe emotional issues) what his favorite part of Kindergarten was and he said, “tapping.” My young students love to tap with me each day, and it has become an invaluable part of our morning routine!”
Lorrie Tine
Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Tine uses Tapping with her Kindergarten students during a morning meeting. She adapts the process to meet her students where they are that day and acknowledges the feelings of her students, while setting positive intentions for the day. 

“Her fears were gone.”

Lily Flores, the psychologist at the Escuela Integrada in Antigua, used tapping with a shy first grade girl, Velvet, who was experiencing nausea and vomiting as a result of her fears of a recent and local volcanic eruption and of all the suffering from the aftermath in Guatemala. Immediately after the first session of Tapping with Ms. Flores, Velvet’s fear decreased significantly (see picture of her showing with her hand how she was feeling) and according to her mother she stopped suffering from vomiting and nausea completely. After her second session, she reported (using her hands again) that her fears were gone.


A note from Ms. Flores about Velvet (English translation below):


“A raíz de la erupción del volcán de fuego, una de las secuelas que dejó  a Velvet quien cursa Primero Primaria a pesar que no estuvo directamente en el desastre,  fue afectada emocionalmente, por lo cual se atendió apoyándola con la técnica de Liberación Emocional Tapping, lo cual ha logrado superar el temor que tenia a que la lava llegara a su casa.”

Atte.  Lily Flores
Escuela Integrada
Antigua, Guatemala

“As a result of the eruption of Fuego volcano, Velvet who is in first grade was suffering emotionally even though she was not in the disaster area. She was treated with the technique of EFT Tapping and was able to overcome the fear of the lava reaching her house.”

Lily Flores
Psychologist, Escuela Integrada
Antigua, Guatemala


Velvet draws a picture of the volcano that erupted near her community, creating severe anxiety that manifested in nausea and vomiting.


Velvet shows how her anxiety shifted by using her hands, a method commonly used with younger aged children to conceptualize a typical rating scale of 0-10.


You can read more about Tapping and how it has impacted Velvet’s school by visiting here.

Tapping for Trauma Relief Worldwide

“Tapping became an important part of my recovery.”

“I was at Route91 in Las Vegas during which the mass shooting took place. Needless to say, my world was changed in those 10 minutes that seemed to last a lifetime. Tapping became an important part of my recovery. It helped me process the mixture of emotions I felt, especially my fear, anger and survivors guilt. My life is forever changed from the experience that day but I’ve committed to focus on my own growth vs traumatic memories from the past. I’m grateful I knew about tapping and made my recovery a priority.”


Victoria Scovel
Las Vegas, Nevada


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