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Moving Forward After Trauma Strikes

For the previous 25 years teaching had felt like Kevin’s life’s work, a career he had woken up to happily and pursued passionately. When a shooting happened at his school, however, his entire life seemed to turn upside down. During the few years since that unforgettable day, Kevin had begun to question his teaching, and the role it played in his life.

Since the shooting, student apathy had been at an all-time high. School administrators were doing little to address the problem, and parents were still so overwhelmed by the trauma they and their families had undergone, they were overtly allowing children to skip homework and studying.

In all his years of teaching, Kevin had never felt so frustrated and hopeless. Each day he faced his class, he walked away terrified that he would have to end his decades-long career with a total failure to engage his students.

When Lori Leyden, Director of The Tapping Solution Foundation, first sat down with Kevin, he shared details of the trauma that he, his colleagues, and students experienced the day of the shooting. Although a few years had passed, the details were still vivid in his mind. Kevin felt that the school, and its surrounding community, had been broken that day, and he didn’t know whether it would ever be healed.

It was the first time in his life that Kevin had felt like a failure, and it wasn’t until tapping through those feelings that he realized why he was struggling so acutely. While tapping, Kevin remembered a long forgotten memory of his parents telling him that failure wasn’t an option.

A young boy at the time, Kevin had understood that he wasn’t allowed to fail, and so he hadn’t. A hard worker who had applied himself to pursuits he loved, Kevin had been successful at almost everything he had done in his life. The overwhelming apathy he was now facing among his students was the first major obstacle he wasn’t sure he could overcome.

After tapping on and releasing his belief that he wasn’t allowed to fail, Kevin’s hopelessness and frustration quickly faded. He could once again access the incredible creativity and resourcefulness that had fueled his teaching for all these years. Before the session was over, Kevin had decided to take a new approach with his students the following day.

The next time he walked into class, he got the class’ attention and did something he’d never done. He shared his frustration about the apathy throughout the school with his students, and expressed his desire to support and connect with them to overcome it together.

From that point forward, with the consent of their parents, Kevin began tapping with his students often. In just a few short weeks, he and his class created a renewed sense of community and connection. It was the first time since the shooting that the students seemed engaged.

Since then, Kevin’s approach has been adopted by other teachers in the school. There’s now a renewed sense of hope and healing at Kevin’s school. Thanks to his dedication, students, parents, teachers and administrators alike are all using tapping to heal from the incredible trauma they survived.

Kevin’s story is a powerful testament to something we at The Tapping Solution have seen countless times. When the world around us seems to fall apart, we can’t move forward until we dig deep inside ourselves. By healing our inner wounds, we free ourselves to access the countless resources we already possess. That’s when we can move forward to create an abundant and fulfilling future.

If you or a loved one is feeling the effects of past trauma, seek out the help you need and commit to healing, using tapping to release the trauma on emotional, mental and physical levels. For guidance, feel free to begin with our tapping practitioners page here.

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