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Tapping Included in Pink Aid’s Fundraiser for Cancer Fighters

“Can Tapping be used for cancer?”

That’s a question I hear often. The answer is a resounding YES!

While Tapping itself does not cure cancer, Tapping is beneficial for processing the stress and trauma associated with receiving a diagnosis of cancer and being in a hospital setting.

Tapping – this emotional work of letting go, forgiving, stopping self-criticism, clearing old traumas – HELPS the body heal. The body knows how to heal itself and when we get out of the way, it often does just that. One of the most challenging parts of any physical “disease” is the emotional component, the stress, the self-criticism, and how they affect the body.

Tapping has been proven to be instrumental in helping the body heal from those negative emotional tendencies such as anxiety, stress, and self-criticism, which is commonly felt in anyone connected to a cancer diagnosis.

Part of the mission of The Tapping Solution Foundation is to provide resources to those that need it all over the world, including individuals battling a cancer diagnosis or have become cancer thrivers. That’s why we donated 500 copies of The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief  to support Pink Aid‘s main annual fundraiser.


Pink Aid’s fundraiser included a donation of 500 copies of the book, The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief. 


“Pink Aid’s mission is to help underserved local women survive breast cancer treatment with support and dignity, to provide screening to women in financial need, and to empower breast cancer survivors to heal by helping and inspiring others. Our grants support programs that provide services including free breast cancer screening and help covering non-medical expenses such as food cards, household bills, wigs, recovery garments and transportation for patients undergoing treatment.”Pink Aid


To learn more about how Tapping can assist in a cancer diagnosis, and to watch the Tapping journey of a woman diagnosed with cancer, visit here.


Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

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