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The Tapping Solution App – Teacher Self-Care Tapping Meditations

In honor of all the hardworking teachers out there, we have some special meditations especially for you!

These meditations are from the “Teacher Self-Care” category of our Tapping Solution App that’s now available to download.

This category will always remain free to listen to, but I wanted to share these with you so that you can get a taste of what’s available in the app, along with over 100 other Tapping Meditations from a wide variety of categories.

Teacher Self-Care: Setting the Intention for Your Day

Click to listen

Teacher Self-Care: Releasing Overwhelm

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After listening, let me know in the comments below what you think of these meditations.

Did you feel any shifts take place? How does your body feel after the tapping? Are you ready to take on another day?

I hope you enjoyed it, and please help me spread the word about The Tapping Solution App!

Until next time,

Keep Tapping (On the app!)

Nick Ortner

How do you feel after using these Tapping Meditations? Comment below!

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